在会议途中我们有幸对Media Chain CEO Warren先生以及MDM基金会主席Teh Ka Hoe进行了采访,两位先生轻松又有深度的话语带领我们快速了解了MDM的内涵以及未来,由于是分开采访,所以以下分为两部分摘录采访内容。

首先是Media Chain CEO Warren先生接受采访时的内容:

1. 记者:Medium Chain相对于传统媒体的有什么不同之处?

What's the difference between Medium Chain and traditional media?

Warren: MDM融合了传统媒体产业和新媒体产业的优势,避免了两者的缺点和劣势。它不仅具有新媒体的即时性,开放性,平等性和互动性,而且可以解决传统媒体平台的弊端,提高互联网时代用户与媒体的精确匹配度,改变和重新定义当前广告的投放方式和出版自媒体产业。

MDM integrates the advantages of traditional media industry and new media industry and avoids the shortcomings and disadvantages of the two. It not only has the immediacy, openness, equality and interaction of new media but also can solve the disadvantages of traditional media platforms, improve the precise matching degree of users and media in the era of Internet, transform and redefine the delivery mode of current ads and publication self-media industry.

2. 记者:Medium Chain的发展规划是什么样的?主要从哪个国家的市场先起步?

What's the development planning of Medium Chain? Which country's market will be the first?

Warren: MDM将在中国、马来西亚和新加坡市场开始。未来的目标是面对国际市场和全球的广告商和自我媒体主。

MDM will start in the markets of China, Malaysia and Singapore. The future goal is to face advertisers and self-media owners in the international market and the world.


3. 记者:MDM目前项目的进度如何?

How about the progress of the MDM project at present?

Warren: MDM的第一个DAPP已启动,用户数量在一天之内突破了30,000。 同时,在EZB Exchange发起IEO之后,订阅量在两天内突破了1亿。 众多用户正在等待进入MDM的应用生态。

The first DAPP of MDM has been launched. The number of users broke through 30,000 within a day. Meantime, after EZB Exchange initiated IEO, the subion amount broke through 100 million within two days. And numerous users are waiting to enter the application ecology of MDM.


4. 记者:区块链技术可以赋能到各行各业,为什么选中了自媒体营销平台,他们俩结合契合度怎么样?

Block chain technology may energize all industries. Why choose self-media marketing platform? How about their integrating degree?

Warren: 目前市场上,暂时没有完全去中心化的媒介平台来去承载着丰富的媒体服务类型。自媒体行业经历了2016~2018年的井喷时期,并逐步开始建立了产业标准化和行业洗牌。在这种背景下,媒介链应运而生。采用去中心化、可信任的区块链技术来取代传统中心化的角色。

There is no perfect decentralized media system in the market temporarily to bear rich media service types. After self-media industry experienced the blowout period during 2016-2018, it has gradually started industrial standardization and shuffling. Under this background, Medium Chain is born on the right moment. Decentralized and reliable block chain technology is used to replace traditional centralized role.


5. 记者:MDM的去中心化体现在哪里?

Where is the decentralization of MDM embodied?

Warren: 它不需要通过平台上机构的统一检查,所有考核组均由媒体所有者随机组成,避免了信任偏见。广告商可以与媒体所有者自由地进行交流和交易,以减少交流环节的资源浪费。

It does not need to pass the unified examination of agencies on the platform. All examination groups are randomly composed of media owners, avoiding trust bias. Advertisers can freely communicate and trade with media owners to reduce resource waste at the communication link.


6. 记者:在MDM中使用了哪些区块链技术?

What block chain technologies are used in MDM?


Master node system、Side chain technology、DPOS consensus mechanism.

7. 记者:我们都知道在投放广告中流量欺诈问题非常严重,很多阅读量,点击率都是恶意造假,导致营销效果十分之差,那么Medium Chain 如何识别这些虚假用户的?

We all know that the traffic fraud problem in ad delivery is very serious. The large amount of reading and the high click rate are all malicious fraud, leading to bad marketing effect. Then, how does Medium Chain identify these false users?

Warren: 得益于独特的审核机制,由媒体所有者创建的虚假数据无法由其他媒体所有者组成的审核小组审核,从而消除了流量欺诈现象。

Thanks to the unique review mechanism, the false data created by the media owners cannot be audited by the review groups composed of other media owners, which eliminates the phenomenon of traffic cheating.

8. 记者:MDM的出现,最直接受影响的都是哪些人?

Which people are directly affected by the appearance of MDM?

Warren: MDM与以前通过平台或其他集中式组织进行的信息传输不同,它消除了中间链接。受影响最大的人是广告商、广告发布商以及媒体所有者。

MDM is different from previous information transmission by means of platform or other centralized organizations, removing intermediate links. The most affected people are advertisers and ad publishers as well as media owners.


9. 记者:Medium Chain 的赢利模式是怎样的?

What's the profit model of Medium Chain?

Warren: 通过链协议将其撤回协议钱包进行公共销毁后,MDM媒体协议平台上的所有佣金将扣除8%至10%。因此,MDM的总量将不断减少。随着业务系统的运行,MDM将逐渐发展起来。 MDM的价值将随着MDM的销毁而逐渐增加。

All commissions on the MDM media protocol platform will be deducted by 8% to 10% upon withdrawal into the protocol wallet through the chain protocol for public destruction. Thus, the total quantity of MDM will constantly reduce. With the operation of the business system, MDM will be gradually destroyed. MDM's value will gradually increase along with the destruction of MDM.


10. 记者:MDM用哪些优质体验改变传统媒体对新型媒介平台的认知?

Which quality experience of MDM changes traditional media's recognition of new medium platforms?

Warren: MDM拥有审查机制的良性循环。广告客户在发布广告任务时需要通过审核,以避免虚假广告和点击欺诈。

MDM owns a virtuous cycle of review mechanism. Advertisers need to pass the review when issuing advertising tasks in order to avoid false ads and click fraud.


Warren的回答详细地把MDM的技术领域和产生意义展示给我们熟知,我们也相信拥有强大背景和技术支持的MDM定能带领媒介 迈向新的阶梯。以下是我们对MDM基金会主席Teh Ka Hoe进行的现场采访实录:

1. 记者: Medium Chain 的 MDM Token 用途在哪?它在其中担当怎样的角色?

What's the purpose of Medium Chain's MDM Token? Which role does it play?

Teh Ka Hoe: MDM使用基于BAR发行的通证,在媒介合约内的流通积分名为MUSD,其是实时锚定USD价值的合约内积分,开户或产生佣金时将根据交易所MDM实时价值生成MUSD。

MDM uses token issued based on BAR. The circulating point in the Media Protocol is called MUSD, which is the point within the protocol that anchors USD value real-time. MUSD will be generated based on the MDM real-time value of the exchange upon account opening or generation of commissions.

广告主通过使用 MDM 发布有偿推广广告,用于宣传推广目的。媒体主自我评估价值也是以MUSD的数量作为衡量基准。在后期主链上线后,MUSD依托于侧链协议,可以在多个应用体系内使用MUSD。

Advertisers publish paid ads through MDM for the purpose of propaganda. The self-assessment value of Media owners is also measured by the quantity of MUSD. After the main chain is launched later, MUSD may use MUSD in many application systems with the side chain agreement.

2. 记者:目前,自媒体链的市场如何?在这其中,MDM的优势在哪?

At present, what is the market of self-media chain? What are the advantages of MDM?

Teh Ka Hoe: MDM拥有一个良性循环的审核机制,完善的审核机制,可以有效避免自媒体主和审核人员的作弊行为,使得MDM媒介合约能够持续稳定的运转,形成一个良性循环的生态。

MDM owns a virtuous cycle of review mechanism. Perfect review mechanism can effectively avoid self-media owners and reviewers' cheating, making MDM Media Protocol continue steady operation and form a virtuous cycle of ecology.


3. 记者:在增加存量用户以及提高用户粘性方面,MDM是如何做的?

What does MDM do to increase the number of existing users and increase user retention?

Teh Ka Hoe: MDM使用"永续合约"来吸引用户进入MDM生态。自媒体主按照自身自媒体价值进行评估,持续完成广告宣发任务达到评估上限后,需要重新进行评估,通过永续合约媒体主能持续提高自身的媒体价值,佣金奖励也会随着自身媒体价值的升高而不断增加。

MDM uses "permanent renewal of protocol" to attract users to enter the MDM ecology. Self-media owners assess according to their own self-media value and need to assess again after continuing to complete advertising tasks and reaching the assessment upper limit. Through permanent renewal of protocol, media owners can continue to improve their media value. Commission reward will constantly increase with the rise of their media value.

4. 记者:有人说在未来区块链将颠覆互联网,您是怎么样看待的?

Some people say that blockchain will disrupt the Internet in the future. What do you think?

Teh Ka Hoe: 从长远来看,这是毫无疑问的,我们处在发展的时代,技术总是不断的进行更新迭代,MDM取代传统媒体也是大势所趋

In the long run, there is no doubt that we are in an era of development where technology is constantly being updated and iterated, and it is inevitable that MDM will replace traditional media.

5. 记者:最后,您能否用一句通俗易懂的话,告诉观众Medium chain是什么吗?

Finally, can you tell the audience what Medium chain is in a simple and understandable sentence?

Teh Ka Hoe: Medium Chain旨在创造一个完善的去中心化媒介平台,让广告主和媒体主之间的中心化平台不再成为价值传递过程的主导者。

Medium Chain aims to create a perfect decentralized media platform, The centralization platform between advertisers and media owners is no longer the leader in the value delivery process.

Media Chain媒介链的出现不仅仅只是来自技术上的革新与进步,更多的是带来新的媒体行业的改变,而这种改变对从事媒体行业的人士和广告主而言,是十分有利的;而对于整个媒介行业而言,也使得信息传递和价值输送更加便捷和广泛。